zondag 4 juni 2017

"The Accident" by Linwood Barclay

"If I'd known this was our last morning, I'd have rolled over in bed and held her. But of course, if it had been possible to know something like that -if I could have somehow seen into the future- I wouldn't have let go."

Glen Garber's wife Sheila dies in a car crash, leaving Glen alone to take care of their eight-year old daughter Kelly. The loss becomes even more difficult to accept when he finds out that Sheila was heavily under the influence of alcohol and caused the accident. What prompted her do be so irresponsible? Glen just can't understand, because it was so unlike Sheila do to something like this. Things get even weirder when Sheila's friend Ann dies just a few weeks later, also in a accident. Glen goes looking for some answers and discovers both Sheila and Ann were involved in some shady business.

Linwood Barclay has a very clear and fluent writing style and this makes "The Accident" read like a train.  As a thriller, it's not particularly special or original, but it has good characters and enough mystery and surprises to keep you reading. This book reminded me of another author I've recently read, Harlan Coben. Good book.

Author: Linwood Barclay
Title: The Accident
Publisher: Orion, London
Year: 2012 (orig. 2011)
Number of pages: 472 p.
ISBN: 9780752883373

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